I (Sonie) am a Salt Lake City native (no, I don’t have any sister wives) who enjoys hanging with my fam, cooking, writing and spending hours online looking at pictures of vacations I’ll never afford.  I live with my husband (Rob), dog and love of my life (Jack) and most of the time one of my siblings.  Through this blog, I hope to inject both humor and deep thought.  Wow, how’s that for a lofty goal?!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Jenn Miller

    I read your rant on the lottery, well personally I dream of winning BIG someday but rarely buy a ticket. Some of our own flesh and blood (aunts n uncles) have sent my Mom actual ca$h so she could buy lottery tickets for them. I find this odd and hilarious at the same time. I would go hog wild, I know I would. Vacation, spa, Manolo Blahniks, THE WORKS!!! I would make sure everyone is taken care of INCLUDING YOU! Or I would at least pay for your plane ticket to come stay at my beach house in Mexico, or whatever. I think I might keep the Passat though, ya I really love that car. And I love you! Thanks for the blog! I subscribed! I really need to start one with all the weird ass shit that I encounter through my line of work on a weekly basis…good times! Well Cheers! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for my winnings! Love ya!!!

  2. Anton English

    Hello, I love the concept of the blog. I often wonder how every one else lives are compared to mine. I usually only see one side of people with the kind of people I deal with.

  3. Andy

    Just got up to speed on all your summer posts.
    All seasons bring something, but yes I am one of those weird ones worse favourite season is Winter in all it’s transformative beauty. In fact my favourite ‘half’ of the year begins with Autumn/Fall, but I am enjoying the sunshine at the moment after last Year’s record washout.
    Anyway, best wishes from Paleface from UK!

    1. soniestephens Post author

      Well Andy, you Brits can be strange. I’m kidding! Every season does offer something. Winter in Utah is just FAR too long!


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