Daily Observations

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 – Stevie Ann

You wouldn’t think so by looking at her, but this kid can be a total shit.  And yet I still love her more than life itself.  Plus, she told her teacher the other day that I’m her favorite singer.  She picked me over Justin Bieber!

We found these fun glasses at a doctor’s appointment today.  God, I love her.













Tuesday, January 31, 2012 – The Shirt

Rob bought this shirt awhile back that he is in love with.  In love with as in the guy wears it pretty much every single day.  Sometimes he may just sport it in the evening, other times he chooses to wear it ALL DAY LONG.  It’s a lined shirt, so it’s really warm, which means he thinks he can wear it as a shirt or as a jacket.  How convenient.  I swear to God I haven’t had a chance to wash it once.  This morning he put it on to leave for work and I was like, “You aren’t really wearing that to work today, are you?”  He reminded me that he would be working in the studio all day, so he was probably going to get dirty (they are under construction at Fox 13 because they are getting a new studio/set).  Then he sent me this picture via text reminding me just how sweet it is.  Help us God.









Monday, January 30, 2012 – The Toothless Wonder

The cat is on the mend!  I mean I don’t know that her diabetes is on the mend (still figuring that out), but she seems to be feeling so much better.  She’s probably thinking, damn, I should have had them pull these teeth a long time ago because this wet food is the shit!









Saturday, January 28, 2012 – Bowling is FUN!

Rob and I decided we needed a little outing tonight, so we ventured up to Park City to have dinner at Red Rock.  It just so happens that Red Rock is in the same shopping area as Jupiter Bowl, so we thought we’d pop in after dinner to see if any lanes were open.  Lucky night; there was a lane available!  Rob and I bowl like once every few years if that, which is why I can brag about how amazing we are at bowling.  Holy shit, Rob bowled a 179 his first game and I bowled 4 strikes and at least a few spares!  Our second game wasn’t quite as epic, but it’s no matter. Bowling makes us happy.


Friday, January 27, 2012 – It Can Get Worse

Last night I had some lovely ladies over for dinner and we were giving each other a therapy session when my sister said, “If you think it can’t get worse, it will.”  Of course, she has first hand experience with this.

Today I got a phone call from the vet who is taking care of Kitty.  They got her blood and urine lab results back, and it turns out the poor thing has diabetes.  Old age seriously sucks!  Like on top of losing almost all of her teeth, she also has to deal with this?  Apparently that’s why she’s been losing weight and hasn’t been feeling so great.  Now we have the hard job of deciding what’s best for her…. Do we try out the costly treatments?  She is 16 years old, so we really have to weigh quantity versus quality of life.  Poor smelly Kitty.  I hope she can make it through the summer so she can enjoy many more days of sunshine sprawled on her back with not one ounce of dignity.


Thursday, January 26, 2012 – Goodbye Mexico

First of all, I’m sorry for missing the last two days.  I have no idea what my problem is.  Forgive me?  Ok, let’s get on with it.

Remember that cat of ours?  You know, the really old one that now pees an insane amount?  Well, she’s in a rather sad state.  She has never really adjusted to Jack being here, and that combined with her old age has resulted in a skinnier, smellier cat.  To top it all off, I noticed that her mouth looked kind of funny the other night. It was like she couldn’t close it.  Upon further examination, it was obvious that something was wrong with her tooth and it was jabbing into her upper lip.  You know what happens next, don’t you?  Yep, a fun drive to the vet’s.

The vet started looking at her mouth and was like, “Wow, I’m surprised she’s been able to eat any hard food at all.  She doesn’t have very many teeth left.”  She had a previous abscess and apparently they pulled a few teeth.  So now she’s got a snaggle tooth and a couple of teeth that look like they are rotting as well.  She’s a complete wreck!

Anyway, after conversing with the doc, I said yes to doing both the extraction (of course), dental cleaning on the other teeth (although she may lose those as well) and full blood work.  They did the blood work today, which cost me a lovely $208. After the extractions are done, it looks like our final bill could be over $800!  So, I’m saying goodbye to the idea of a Mexico trip with some ladies.  I know, I’m so selfless.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a BIG FAT tax return?!  Don’t hold your breath.


Monday, January 23, 2012 – The Most Depressing Day of the Year

Hey, that’s what I read; that January 23rd is the most depressing day of the year.  I think reading it actually affected how I felt about the day.  I just had a case of the blues today.  Granted, it was a dreary day.  There was no sunshine, I had a headache and Jack struggled a bit in his class tonight (there is SO much to know when it comes to training a dog!).  The upside is that tomorrow is the 24th, which has not been named the most depressing day of the year.  Oh wait, I just googled that day and the second thing that came up said, “Jan. 24 named worst day of the year.”  Seriously?!


Sunday, January 22, 2012 – Fried









I’ve been sitting on my butt for the last hour watching the Food Network.  Not a good idea.  I’ve also got a chicken tikka masala in the slow cooker, so it’s like a double whammy.  I’m watching people devour food that looks like it could kill you but you wouldn’t care because it tastes so fucking good while smelling masala spice waft through the house.  I’m dying here, people!  It’s the first time I’ve ever watched “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” and the celebrity chefs are talking about the best fried foods they’ve ever had.  FYI – If you watch people talk about and then inhale fried foods, you will want to do the same.  I mean I can barely look at a picture of fried food now.


Saturday, January 21, 2012 – The English Muffin

Rob and I love english muffins.  You can buy them at Costco and take one pack out of the freezer at a time to enjoy with butter and honey, maybe a little jam or even peanut butter.  On the weekends we like to get crazy and skip our healthy breakfast shakes.  Instead we toast up an english muffin and top it with an egg over medium, bacon and maybe a little cheese (or spinach or whatever we can find in the fridge). There is one minor problem though.  The english muffins are only kind of cut in half when you buy them.  I just don’t understand the concept.  If you’re going to act like you cut the english muffin and go to the trouble of kind of cutting it, why not just cut it all the way?  It makes opening them very challenging.  Like you think you can just pull it apart and then you end up with two uneven crumbled pieces.  Just sayin’.


Friday, January 20, 2012 – MTV Cribs

Have you ever watched this show?  I’ll often select it when I’m flipping through the channels thinking I’m going to see some amazing house with beautiful and stylish decor.  Sadly, I’m always disappointed.  Is it just me or is everyone on that show a thug?  I mean a thug that has managed to make a ridiculous amount of money, but still a thug.  I have no clue who the person even was on this particular episode.  The house was hideous though. I mean yes, it was big, but it was hideous. They always have to show off their cars too.  The gangster on yesterday’s show opened up the driver’s side door and was all proud of the writing he had done on the headrest. Gangster writing!  God, how tacky can you be?


Thursday, January 19, 2012 – Pinning

I’m sure many of you can relate to the Pinterest obsession.  For whatever reason, creating interest boards with stuff you love, places you want to go, stuff you want to do is like insanely addicting.  The majority of my pins are related to home decor.  You should see some people’s kitchens/offices/patios!  They’re making me more materialistic by the minute.  But just look at my house board:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012 – Namaste

I recently went back to Bikram Yoga.  I practiced (yeah, that’s what you say when you’re a yogi) for close to two years and then I abandoned it completely for almost two years.  Now that I’m back I’m like, why the hell did I ever stop doing this?  And then I’m like, oh right, it’s really expensive and very time consuming.  My first class back was pretty brutal and I did a lot of sitting down (it was that or pass out face first which I thought would be painful), but I could just feel how much my body needed it.  I know, it’s hard to believe that your body needs to do 90 minutes of brutal postures in a 110+ degree room.  It’s kind of the shit though.

As I write this, my hair is still drenched from the sweat (you would not believe the places you sweat from – earlobes anyone?!) and my back is a little sore, but my skin is glowing.  Wait, maybe that’s sweat too.  Well, whatever it is, I think I’m sticking with it this time.  I hope that one day soon I can do this:

From Bikram Yoga Sandy Studio











Tuesday, January 17, 2012 – Best Friends get Better with Age

I’ve had the same best friend since I was in the sixth grade.  We have experienced every up and down together, seen each other through really awkward and ugly phases (Birkenstocks and wool socks anyone?) and supported each other through the dysfunction of our home lives.

We haven’t lived in the same state (sometimes not even the same country) for many years, but it never feels like we’ve missed a beat.  We don’t agree on everything, but we always have each other’s best interest at heart.  I love this woman.








Monday, January 16, 2012 – More On Boogers

Remember when I talked about Rob flipping his boogers in the office?  Turns out that’s not really that bad.  Tonight on our drive home from dog obedience school (Jack is doing great, thanks for asking), I turned and looked at the guy in the car next to us while stopped at the light.  Big mistake.  Dude jammed his finger so far up his nose I am almost positive he touched his brain.  That’s the first problem though; picking your nose at a light.  Doesn’t he know you only pick your nose when on the freeway?  You know, when you’re driving at such high speeds you are almost inevitably going to get away with it?  Second mistake?  He ate it.  I threw up in my mouth.


Sunday, January 15, 2012 – The Sunday Paper

Rob and I get the paper everyday and read it while eating breakfast each morning. Of course, Sunday is the best paper.  I like to peruse the ads and coupons to see if there’s anything I might need.  You know, just to be on the safe side.  Here’s something fun I came across this morning:








In case you can’t tell, it’s an ad for Depends.  It turns out style (color specifically) matters even when it comes to adult diapers.  I can just see the 90-year-old couple in my head now….

Husband:  “Honey, are those peach colored Depends you’ve got on?”

Wife:  “They sure are!”

Husband:  “Well, let’s get you out of those wet things.”

I know, not a good visual.


Saturday, January 14, 2012 – It’s the Small Things

Last night Rob and I attended a friend’s birthday celebration.  The premise of the party was a beer tasting.   I am not a beer person at all, but Rob is what my niece, Stevie, refers to as, “a beer machine.”  Yeah, the dude likes beer.  So, naturally, he did quite well at describing the different beers.  So well in fact that he won a prize. And what a cool prize it was; a dancing solar flower!  The text on the packaging told us it ‘was not a toy.’  Whatever it is, it makes me happy.  Just look how happy it is dancing in the sun!

In an attempt to write a daily blog, I’ve decided to write a daily observation.  I mean I am basically the most observant person on the planet, so why not put it to good use?  Right?  Right.  Of course, I hope to continue longer posts about my highly entertaining life.

I’m kicking off the series with today’s observation.


Friday, January 13th:

First of all, Friday the 13th?!  Oooooh.  Ok, not really.  Today’s observation has nothing to do with the date.  It has to do with my dog, Jack.  Jack is seriously the new love of my life.  Honest to God, I probably kiss him at least 100 times a day.  He really is pretty damn cute though.  Just look at that face.








The problem is he is also kind of a snob.  I started giving him a tiny bit of wet food with his dry food, which seemed harmless.  Maybe even good for him.  We also have him in obedience school, so I got him some organic turkey dogs (spoiled, I know) as special treats for his training.  Guess what happened when we tried to give him regular dry food (also like top-of-the-line healthy and fucking expensive!) and regular jerky treats. Yep, he refused them.  In fact, he actually turned his nose up at me.  So, I had to let him go hungry.  It broke my heart, but everything I read online said it’s fine. But who the hell does he think he is?  Oh yeah, the love of Mom’s life.  Oops.

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