Taking a look around

I know that the majority of my posts are light hearted and silly, really.  There has been so much tragedy and heartache the past couple of days in the lives of people I know though that I feel like I have to stop and write something serious.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the bustle of this insane life.  And, sadly, sometimes it takes something tragic to make us stop and appreciate what we have.  I know that we’re supposed to save our thanks for Thanksgiving Day (wink wink), but I’m giving thanks today.  Thank you for the family that gives me joy, laughter and love.  Thank you for my health.  Thank you for opportunities and experiences.

Don’t think this means that I’m not going to complain and write about how retarded people are anymore.  Nah.  I’m still going to do that.  I’m just also going to pause a little more in my life.  My life is pretty damn great after all.

3 thoughts on “Taking a look around

  1. annielewis

    And I am thankful for the fact that you finally started a blog. Particularly one where you can participate fully in the mocking of innocent lunk heads (one of my personal favorite pastimes). This shall be a jolly adventure.


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