Hanging in Bend

A pic on our anniversary. Happy 8 years to us!











Rob and I spent an awesome 5 days in Bend, Oregon this past week.  It was so awesome that I almost forgot about my work trips from hell which start tomorrow. Then I remembered, which sucked.  Bend was so what we needed though.  It’s such an adorable, quaint, adventurous, chill environment that you can’t help but get sucked in.  We were within walking distance to everything… the river, beautiful parks, downtown, the bike shop.  Oh, and my dream house.  If I can come up with another $500,000, I am totally going to buy the place.  Until then, we’ll visit and gawk at it as often as possible.

Bend definitely has a reputation as being a hippie town (for good reason – – we heard/saw at least 4 references to pot smoking within the first hour of our trip), and although I would never consider myself one, I kind of dig their mentality.  It’s like people there get it, ya know?  Like they know what’s important in life (I’m referring to fun and friends, not pot) and have no problem plopping a kitchen table on the front lawn to enjoy dinner with friends.

The kicked back attitude is not necessarily a good thing when you’re entrusting them with your life, but I bet most of the time it works out.  Like take my paddleboarding experience.  We’ve never paddleboarded, but it’s all the rage, so we thought we’d give it a try.  The instruction from our adolescent (dude was like 14) instructor went something like this,

“Stand on the board with your feet by the hand holds.  Try to steer yourself to the left of the river.  You don’t want to go towards the right because there’s a spillway, which is very dangerous.”

That’s it.  So Rob goes first and manages to stay towards the left.  I, on the other hand, hit the eddie and dump it immediately.  The current was pulling me towards danger, and as I was trying to swim to the shore the kid instructor was like, “Ok, I’m going to need you to get the board.”  Seriously dude?  I’m headed towards death (People do die in the spillway.  Ask my cousin, she lives there), and you’re worried about your board?  Luckily the kid decided to get in his kayak and rescue me, which he obviously did because I’m here to write about it.  After I got out he was like, “Well, if you want to try again…”  And I was thinking, Of course I want to try again.  I just paid $40 for 2 hours on this thing.  So off I went.  This time not towards death but towards misery.  Paddleboarding is hard y’all.  We were going against the current, so you could never stop paddling.  About 30 minutes in I just wanted to jump into a tube and float down the river with all the smart people.  I get why people do it; it kicks your ass physically.  I just don’t know that I’ll do it again.

I have a couple of other near death experiences from the trip that I’ll save for a later blog.  Despite them though, I love Bend and could totally see myself living there. Anyone know how I can get my hands on an extra $500,000?!

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