Expensive Hobbies

I’m constantly talking about how my husband has a crazy amount of hobbies, most of which are crazy expensive.  Between photography and biking, the dude is always looking at the next piece of equipment to throw a shit ton of cash at.  It would be super cool if he could change his hobbies to my hobbies so that we could spend that money on the stuff I like.  What?  They’re good hobbies, people!

One of my hobbies is cooking, so that’s nothing that needs saving.  I mean at one point I suppose it did; you know when we did the whole kitchen remodel thing. That is (thank God!) behind us now though, so I can continue cooking yummy food and focus on my other major hobby… home decorating!  You see, I adore my house, but my taste has changed a lot since we bought the place.  I used to be all about browns and earth tones and now I’m like, “white, white and more white!”  Basically, I love bright, coastal looks.  The kitchen is there, but the rest of the house… not so much.

I’m slowly trying to add pieces and make minor changes, but I’m itching to do something more major.  Like paint!  Ok, maybe that’s not really major. Some of you probably enjoy painting.  I enjoy when the painting that someone else has done is complete and I can stand back and say, “Wow, you did a great job!”  Anyone want to work out a trade?  I can clean like a son of a bitch and would totally come deep clean your house while you paint my bathrooms and basement! Ok, you can just do the bathrooms to start.  Who’s in?

You know what’s not helping this obsession? All the home remodeling shows on HGTV.  In the course of 30 minutes the Property Brothers are like, “Here was your really shitty place 4 weeks ago.  And here is your brand spankin’ new place now!” These shows are killing me!

I’ll keep chipping away slowly and until I’m ready to take on painting I’ll just keep cleaning.  Today I tackled the shed and pretty much have completely dialed in the deck!  Is it as exciting as buying home decor pieces?  Not really, but it’ll do for now.

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