I have my own blog

So, I guess I start by introducing myself. My name is Sondra. That’s Sondra with an O not an A. Sorry, had to get that out of the way. It’s a common, innocent mistake, but it is highly annoying to me. No offense if your name is Sandra with an A, I just like my version better (oh, and don’t pronounce it Saaaandra). You can call me Sonie. Ok, moving right along. In addition to being named Sondra, I am also female, married, have a stepdaughter and a cat (I don’t claim her as mine though since I “married into” the dumb ass creature – the cat, not the stepdaughter).

I’ve wanted to try out this blog thing for awhile. For one, I really enjoy writing. In fact, if I can ever stop cleaning my house for long enough to put something on paper, I think I might actually entertain one or two folks. The other reason is that I’ve decided I don’t have enough hobbies. This startling realization was brought to my attention last weekend when my husband and I were having dinner with some new friends. We started talking about how we spend our free time (we’re relatively new friends), and one of them asked, “So, Sondra, what are your hobbies?” Fear and panic immediately took hold. Oh God, I thought, is this really being asked? What should I say – cleaning, surfing the internet for vacations I’ll probably never take? Before I had a chance to start making up fake volunteer efforts and exciting physical endurance tests, someone interrupted and I never had to actually answer the question. Saved! Well, sort of. I mean now it’s in my head. These people that call themselves our friends have caused me to develop an enormous insecurity about how I spend my free time. But listen, I don’t want to place any blame. I just want to show these people that I am not boring. Next time they or any one else poses that question, I think I’ll respond with, “I have my own blog.”  Let’s hope it doesn’t like totally suck.

4 thoughts on “I have my own blog

  1. McKelle

    So glad you have a blog! I’m excited to read it. I like swearing, so the more swearing the more I’ll like it.

  2. Vinci

    Congrats! You’ve inspired me. I’ve been wanting to start a blog of my own for a very long time……

  3. CP

    Sonie!!!!!! A big hell yes! About time lady you made with the blog, I mean like forrealz, yo. I so do enjoy chatting with ya and can’t wait to see more of your thoughts in the written word. Cause you know, the written word is like…fuckin’ sweet:)


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