To Feel Better: Get Branded!

I’m reading the paper this morning and on the cover of one of the sections is a nasty picture of a dude’s arm with a massive wound. It was difficult to look at but more difficult to understand why someone would be so retarded.  The wound was self-inflicted. Apparently, tattoos and piercings just aren’t enough for people anymore. Those are so 2007.  Now, there’s branding. Yep, you can totally get yourself branded with whatever you’d like.  The branding artist they interviewed for the article (who knows if this is what they call themselves) carved a scar (or brand, whatever) into his lower abdomen to look like a C-section, which was his way of relating to the birth of his son.  Really dude?

Is it just me or do people that do this to themselves sound crazy as shit?  They’re trying to make it into some spiritual journey and are like, “It hurts like hell, but it’s healing.”  Right, until you get staph infection and gangrene.  Oh and speaking of healing, apparently the physical healing process is brutal.  “Horrifying” was actually the word they used to describe it.  Wow, I am so not cut out for scarification. No pun intended.

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