I finally got an entire weekend off (I know, I’m such a whiner), so we went camping. Like I mentioned in a previous entry #mce_temp_url#, we like to camp at my sister’s property.  We don’t call it the property though.  We call it the HOA.  It stands for Hendrickson (their last name) Outdoor Adventure.  Kind of like KOA.  Cute, huh? And sometimes it stands for Heath on Alcohol. Like Saturday night it for sure stood for that.  Let’s just say that Heath, my bro-in-law was doing hand stands at one point.  They were really impressive, I might add.  He even walked a few steps.

Rob, I’m sure, was wishing that he’d had enough alcohol to do hand stands, but his awesome wife bought him mini beers.  Not on purpose, people!  I can’t help it if Corona is all clever and makes you think you’re getting 24 regular beers when you’re really getting 7 oz. coronitas.  That’s right, 7 ounces.  And yes, they call them coronitas.  Adorable, right?  I’m not sure what the point is.  Are these for beginner drinkers?  Because I’ll tell you what, seasoned drinkers are very confused.  Rob felt like he had to drink like 15 of them.

Alcohol was probably necessary during the trip.  That kid that likes to drop “F” bombs by the fire was there again.  This time he didn’t drop any swear bombs.  Not any that I was privy to anyway.  He still kept things interesting though.  On Saturday night his parents disappeared for a while.  Heath, on alcohol, said, “Hey Armando, I think your parents are in the tent making…”  Of course I filled in the blank with “brownies.”  What, that’s the first thing I could think of.  That kid is no dummy though and he responded with, “Let’s just say they’re not that close.”  Awkward silence.  I want to laugh so bad but I know I shouldn’t looks at each other.

Good times, people.  Good times.  Almost as good as what Em, my stepdaughter, witnessed at Wal-Mart over the weekend.  While shopping in that god awful place, one of the employees came over the intercom.  No big whoop, right?  Wrong.  The words that came out of his mouth were nothing short of amazing.  They were, and I quote, “Attention Wal-Mart customers, the garden center is now closing.  Get the fuck out.”  Holy shit!  Can you believe it?  You know that is a dude that has just gone postal.  What a way to go.

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