Do you know what I could really use right now? No, besides alcohol, I mean. Yes, a good laugh. I mean another good laugh, because I had an amazing laugh yesterday at work. The word sphincter is just funny, but when someone says it on accident, in a leadership meeting, it’s WAY funnier. There’s this internal internet site – – are those called intranet- – Anyway, it’s called spinternet, but instead of saying spinternet, this guy said sphincternet. It took me a second and then I was all, “Did you just say sphincter?” That was all it took and we were all like a bunch of kids in church who are being given the death stare by their parents and know they need to stop laughing, but that just makes it that much funnier. Pretty soon you’re doing that laugh where your whole body shakes and little drops of pee squirt out. Oh come on, don’t act like you’ve never had a little bit of pee come out during a laugh session.

We calmed down eventually. That is, after our boss told us a number of times that we needed to “focus.” It’s still funny as shit though when I think about it, and I just pray that more people drop the word sphincter now and again.

2 thoughts on “Bahahaha!

  1. McKelle

    A girls night would probably produce a few laughs. How about when Liz told her home teachers at BYU that her roommate had syphilis. Good laugh.

  2. sonieann4 Post author

    Good call, McKelle! I’m sure it would produce plenty. Oh yes, I remember the story about Liz. HILARIOUS!


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