No Big Whoop

Last night I had a little pedicure party with the gals I get together with every month. It was time to get my toes worked on and enjoy some food and wine with the ladies. Anyway, my sister was asking for restaurant suggestions in Park City; restaurants where you can get a good steak.  And it reminded me of the good steak I had in Paris last week so I said, “I had the best steak in Paris last week.”  Of course everyone gave me total shit for acting like I’m such a big deal, but I was honestly just remembering the phenomenal steak.  I am kind of a big deal though.  Look what I saw up close and personal!  Hello!

2 thoughts on “No Big Whoop

    1. soniestephens Post author

      The name escapes me! It was right near the Arc De Triomphe… just down the street from the Hotel Splendid Etoile.


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