The Code

Last night we got pulled over on I-215.  We had no idea why we were getting pulled over; we weren’t speeding, car is registered, car would have alerted us if a light was out.  And then we realized it was because the cop was a total douche bag with nothing better to do.  He approached the car and was like, “The reason I pulled you over is because we have a move over law in Utah.”  Rob was like, “Yeah, I know.  I actually tried to get over when I saw your lights but I couldn’t because a car was there.”  And this is the truth.  He really did try to get over.  Officer Douche Bag stated that he “looked in his mirror and we had plenty of room.”  Seriously dude?

Ok, so thanks for the reminder.  We’ll be going now.  Nope.  Then Officer I’m-Really-Bored asked us where we were headed.  Why in the hell is this any of your business? Plus, Rob and I actually didn’t know where we were going.  We were deciding as we drove, so we gave completely different answers, which probably looked suspicious and would have been better if we said we were on our way to make a drug deal and kill a couple people.  Oh, and then he asked us where we were coming from and quickly asked for license and registration.

When he came back to the car he had printed a warning and also the code that talks about the “move over” law.  And get this… He asked us to share it with 10 of our friends.  (Quick side note:  dude had really nasty teeth and little pieces of spit kept flying out of his mouth and landing in the rig).  So we quickly scheduled a conference call to spread the word.  Yeah right.  Instead, we thought about reminding him of our codes.  Like the one we have that states no douche bags are allowed to approach our vehicle.  Also, no saliva is to exit anyone’s mouth while in the car.

While he had us pulled over we had at least 20 cars pass us without moving over. I’m pretty sure one of them now knows the code.

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