Ok, I’m WAY late in blogging about this, but I’m taking care of it now so it’s all good. Rob had a big birthday on May 6th (he doesn’t like me saying how big, so I’ll let you figure that out), so I threw him a killer surprise party at Squatter’s a couple of days before.  Let me just say that I am amazing.  The dude seriously had NO CLUE!  I mean yes, it helps that he’s oblivious and unaware of his surroundings, but still.  I’m taking some of the credit here.  He kept his sunglasses on as we walked through the restaurant (classic Rob), so you can’t see the surprise in his eyes, but it was obvious he was blown away.  It actually took him about 30 seconds to realize the party was for him.

Here he is in total shock.

My sister Jessica and her husband, Heath. Jess was a huge help in pulling off the surprise. Heath did nothing except drink my glass of wine at the party.

Our little fam (minus Jack and Kitty, of course).

Rob was very surprised to see his good friend (my friend too!) Kathy who traveled from Arizona. Love Kathy!

Can you even believe this cake?! It’s a crashed mountain biking Rob! My wonderful nieces Nina and Carrie made it. I love them.

Oh and I made a toast. Not sure how good it was but I did work in this line, which I think is quite funny: “I could tell Rob was maybe a little older than me when I met him, so I asked my sister how old he was. She didn’t know, so I said, ‘well, if it turns out he’s too old for me, we should definitely set him up with Mom.'” I’m not sure how Rob felt about it.

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