My poor niece, Stevie, has been on every medication known to man.  Ok, not really, but she’s been on plenty.  And this has been her life since the age of 3, so she doesn’t really know anything different.  Which is why when she hears my sister and I talking about trying a new medication, supplement or vitamin for her, she obsesses over it.  Take the other day.  Jessica, my sister, mentioned to me that there was some debate about whether Stevie would benefit from Xanax.  For the next hour all I heard was…

“I want some Xanax.”

“Mom, please give me some Xanax.”

“Aunt Sonie, I’m ready for some Xanax.”

Finally Jess gave her something else (not a medication but some juice) and told her it was Xanax, Stevie said, “Ahhh I’m ready to calm down now.”

Just proof that there is a placebo effect, I guess.

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