The Cat Drama Continues

Remember the whole cat fiasco?  If not, you can find it here.  In addition to the vet’s office robbing us, they also neglected to apprise us of the possible side effects of steroid injections. Shortly after the steroid shot I noticed that Kitty’s litter box seemed to be filling up much quicker than normal.  Much quicker as in it looked as if she was peeing and pooping all day long.  She was also eating every morsel of her food and drinking every drop of her water.  When she was finished pigging out, she would move her food and water dishes around making it look as if she got pissed when she realized it was all gone and started throwing them.  Yes, side effects include, but are not limited to, increased thirst, appetite, urination and aggression.

So not only has this little creature cost us a shit ton of money, but she’s now costing me a shit ton of time.  I am cleaning the litter box almost every single god damn day.  And it’s not like I just have to clean out the box itself.  I also have to sweep up all the litter that she has managed to throw out of the box onto the floor.

Oh, and litter is now all over our house.  Now that she spends a large portion of her day in the litter box, she leaves traces of litter wherever she lays.  Luckily she’s not allowed on the upstairs furniture.

She’s allowed pretty much everywhere else though.  Last night she was laying on Rob’s lap and I noticed little pieces of litter all over his leg.  Then I noticed wet spots on the couch and realized she was drooling like a son of a bitch.  God, steroids and old age do not look good on her.

Here she is not in the litter box, clearly not wanting her photo taken.

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