Side Effects May Include…

While working out today, a commercial for Cymbalta came on.  Cymbalata is a medication for depression with a tag line of “depression hurts, Cymbalta can help.”  Right after that line, there is like 7 minutes of something that goes like this… “Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, yellowing of the skin and eyes (oh my god, isn’t that like a sign of liver damage), thoughts of suicide in teens and young adults, dry mouth, heart failure and death.”  And of course like 70 other ones I can’t remember.  After listening to this amazing amount of scary things that one could experience should they choose to take this medication (or I should say have this medication prescribed to them) I’m like, “Holy fuck, I’m depressed.”  Maybe they did that on purpose?

1 thought on “Side Effects May Include…

  1. Kristi Burke

    Okay, I am laughing so hard! Those commercials are messed up! I love these and any “erectile dysfunction” commercials.


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