Karma has been Overruled

I’m a big believer in karma.  Do good and good things will come back to you.  Do bad and bad things will come back to you.  I’m the person that hands back the extra five dollar bill that the cashier accidentally handed me or tells the restaurant server that they forgot to charge us for one of the entrees.  I do these things mainly because I’m honest and couldn’t live with the guilt but also because I think it will come back to me.

I’m ruling out the possibility of karma when it comes to killing our neighbors’ dogs though. I know this sounds evil, but honest to God, if you had to listen to the incessant barking for five minutes, you would so change your mind.  And it doesn’t just last for five minutes.  These two sorry excuses for animals could bark the entire summer if you let them.

So, what do we do?  The owners have to know that this goes on.  When they’re home, they let them back in the house.  And yet they’ll leave them outside all day while they’re who the hell knows where so that by the end of the day… no, by the end of a three minute span… we’re like wild crazed animals contemplating how to make sure their last breath is soon.

Listen, I love dogs.  We think about getting one often.  But this is NOT ok!  Rob and I could so throw a couple of hot dogs over the fence that may or may not be laced with an unknown poisonous substance.  And, I’m pretty sure karma would be overruled.  This would be a just act, really.  In fact, now that I’m really thinking about it, we might actually be rewarded in some way… for saving everyone their sanity.  Wow, we really are good people, aren’t we?  Neighbors, you’re welcome.

1 thought on “Karma has been Overruled

  1. CP

    Normally Sainthood is only granted to those posthumously, but I’m sure for this divine acted of goodness certain exceptions will be extended. Saint Sonie, the blessed keeper of silence.


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