Insert Annoyance Here

I will start by admitting that I am not the world’s most patient or tolerant person.  Hey, I’m also not the world’s most impatient or intolerant person either. Unless you ask my husband.  He may have a different opinion.  Anyway, I swear that no matter how much I work on it, there are still going to be times when I want to shake people with extreme force.  Here’s my list, not my complete list but a sampling, really.  Feel free to add your own.

  • Writing a check at the grocery store. What year are these people in?  And for God’s sake, if you’re going to write a check, don’t wait until you hear the total before you even begin to fill out the damn store name.
  • Talking on your cell phone in a public bathroom – or any bathroom, really.  Is it just me or is it really awkward to be talking to your friend while squeezing out a nugget?  Even if it’s just number one, I’m pretty sure the phone call can wait.  Can you imagine hearing this loud “plop,” asking what the noise was and having your friend tell you that was their poop hitting the toilet water?
  • Displaying inappropriate bumper stickers or license plate covers. I’m not really a fan of the bumper sticker in general, but I’m especially not a fan of ones that say things like “No fat chicks, truck will scrape” or “4X4’s eat more bush.” Nice double meaning you nasty bastard.  This should be the first red flag to any girl considering dating these douche bags.
  • Loud talkers. Do you know these people?  These are the folks who think they are the ONLY ONES in the restaurant and proceed to talk to the people they’re with at a volume that is completely unnecessary.  Do they not realize how loud they are?  Or maybe they want everyone to know the finite details of their life?  Listen people, WE DON’T CARE, SO KEEP IT DOWN!

Now, share your annoyances.  Come on, it’ll feel good to get it off your chest.

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