Favorite Things!

I’m watching Oprah’s Favorite Things show right now. Have you ever seen this? If not, you are missing out. This is a show that Oprah does once a year before Christmas where she gives the audience an insane amount of presents; her favorite things. It’s so unfair. I mean apparently these people are deserving, like they’ve done a lot of giving, but I’m still really jealous.

Let me just tell you that the looks on the audience members’ faces is really a sight. Of course, we all would be freaking out if Oprah was all, “I’m going to give you diamond earrings, a Nikon camera, cashmere sweater, vacation, blah blah blah. It’s really hysterical though. I guarantee when they see themselves they’re going to be like, “Oh no, is that what I looked like?” Ugly stuff. The guys in the audience are even funnier than the women. Instead of crying and fanning themselves with their hands to stop a possible fainting incident, the dudes do a lot of fist pumping. One guy had the fist pump going while he yelled, “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!” Good stuff.

The really big bummer is that this is Oprah’s last season. Right, which means it’s her last Favorite Things show. Which means I will never be on it. Or be able to nominate someone for the show that could share their presents with me. Oh well. I’ll just go back to cleaning up the cat litter. Which, side note, I have a question about. Why do cats have to throw the litter EVERYWHERE? Can’t they just bury it without creating a god awful mess all over the floor?

This show makes me think about what I would give away if I could have my own Favorite Things show. Of course I haven’t tried out as many products as Oprah, but I definitely have some stuff I like. Like my boots from Sundance Catalog. Or my Macbook Pro laptop. And, I would never dare leave off some of my favorite cleaning devices. My ultimate favorite thing though is this bag filled with corn that you heat up in the microwave and snuggle with during the winter months. Is that sad that a microwave heat bag is my favorite thing? Well, tell me your favorite things so I can broaden my horizons!

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