The Smart Ones

The other morning I had to spend some time in the garage digging out my platters and serving bowls for Thanksgiving. Yes, the garage. Rob and I decided that our lives weren’t chaotic enough with our insane work loads during the month of November, so we started our kitchen remodel. I know. Smart, right? So, all of my dishes are being stored in the garage. And it’s been cold as shit this past week! I’m talking single digit temps! It is so retarded.

You might be wondering why I was digging out my Thanksgiving dishes if I have no kitchen. Ok, maybe you weren’t wondering, but I’m going to tell you anyway. You see, I still cooked. I just did it at my sister’s. Thankfully she has multiple ovens, which is what I’ve always dreamed of for the turkey day meal. Plus, her microwave is also a convection oven! We totally cooked stuffing and rolls in it. It’s super impressive. You’re impressed, aren’t you?

Anyway, the kitchen remodel is really exciting for us. It’s SO much work though! No, not work that I’m doing… Well, unless you can count a little bit of sanding and painting. Work that my poor husband and brother-in-law are doing. I thought that you demolished the kitchen and then you just put all the new stuff in, but it turns out it’s way more complicated than that. It’s more like you demo the kitchen and then you spend weeks patching, leveling, mudding, sanding and eventually crying. I know for a fact that Rob has been near tears on more than one occasion. As would be expected, giving up all your free time after going 100 mph at work all day makes a person ornery. You have to keep the end result in mind though. I’m pretty sure this is the only way to survive home improvement projects. It’s that or you go postal and end up with a prescription of Xanax. Which might not be a bad stocking stuffer.

I mean Rob is in there right now and here’s what I’ve heard him say out loud so far:

“Jesus Christ.”

Blowing out breath noises

“Holy shit.”

I think I may need to get him a beer. I mean it’s noon somewhere, right?

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