Everyday Happiness

You know what sucks worse than not going on vacation?  Going on vacation and then having to return to your regular life and realize that you can’t just hang out by a pool all day with free drinks.  It’s kind of depressing.  Plus, when Rob and I travel, we always feel like it takes us a few days to really acclimate to wherever we are, which is usually about two to three days before we have to return home. It’s a major letdown, because you’re all like, “Oh my god, I love this place.  I seriously feel like I could stay for weeks.” But… you can’t stay for weeks.  Which has got me thinking…. Maybe I should start taking longer vacations.  Three weeks sounds reasonable.  If only.

Our lives really aren’t that bad (to use a Utah term, I would say we’re blessed), but I will admit that I don’t ever wake up in the morning and think, I CANNOT wait to go to work! Nope, never done that.  I wake up and think, It’s not horrible, could be worse.  And then I start thinking of items for my bucket list so that I have really big, outlandish things to look forward to.  Like travel to Bali, have a professional blog, own a beach house.  The list goes on.

Until I’m ready to tackle the bucket list though, I’ll look for happiness in the everyday.  There is a lot of it to be found.  Like, it makes me very happy to think about my mom’s awesome cane she calls a walking stick and carries with her at all times up camping.  I mean it has an eagle head on it, people!  Or, my sister who says the most hilarious, awkward things to people.  Like, the door-to-door salesman she tried to get rid of quickly by saying, “I’m totally not interested, but good luck in your travels.”  Travels?  The dude’s walking door-to-door in West Jordan, Utah.  The stuff she says makes me happy.

Oh, and we totally bought a Vitamix last night!  I try to feed our family super healthy food, but the Vitamix just helped me step that up a level.  This morning I threw in a bunch of fruits and veggies and made a spectacular concoction of healthy-ness.  If you are at all interested in one of these, get to Costco in Murray now!  The Vitamix lady (who is really impressive, by the way) is only there until Monday selling them for like $200 less than normal.  No, Costco or Vitamix did not pay me for this endorsement.  It would make me really happy if they did though.

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