Well, I did it.  I made a big ol’ change in my life.  I am leaving my current job in the retail/marketing world.  No, I will not be sitting at home knitting.  I’m pretty sure I will never be a knitter.  What I will be doing is going back to the world of training. I’ve already facilitated a course and really enjoy it!  Plus, I think it will stay fun because I won’t be doing it every single bloody day.  I’m a contract trainer, so I travel all over to facilitate courses to large companies in the United States and internationally.  Go me!

When I’m not training, I plan to crank out more blogs and help my sister with my niece, Stevie, as much as possible.  And honestly, I am most excited to be able to enjoy my holidays.  The retail world totally sucks the holiday spirit right out of you. That and you have no time to bake and take gifts to your neighbors.  Yes, we exchange gifts with the two neighbors we know.  Don’t judge.

Of course I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without my supportive husband.  I think he’s hoping that one day it will all pay off for him when I’m making the big bucks and he can do whatever the hell he wants.  Fingers crossed, Rob.

Other exciting things going on in my life involve watching grown men load up on salsa at the salsa bar at Rubio’s.  No, it is exciting when the dude has a good 20 sample cups filled and is showing no signs of wrapping it up.  I mean isn’t that amazing?  I was very close to offering him $5 so he could buy a whole jar at the grocery store.  Save some of the Rubio’s salsa for the rest of us!

Oh, and we’re looking at getting a dog!  I feel like I will finally have some time to actually be a good dog owner.  We’re looking at Welsh Corgis.  You know, the dogs the Queen had?  They are so cute and supposedly good dogs.  Hopefully the cat can adjust quickly.  If she can’t, are any of you interested in a really old cat?  I’m kidding.  I won’t give the cat away.  But maybe she could go visit someone for awhile?  Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Amy

    Sondra! Way to go! I’m so excited for you and your new job. I admire you for taking a chance and just going for it. I’m sure you will absolutely love just having some extra time to do the things you truly want to do!


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