I have officially been free of the retail world for one whole week.  Well, not free of the retail world; free of working in the retail world. BIG difference!  Today I actually spent lots of time in that world when I took part in the H&M grand opening.  Yep, I was one of those bat shit crazy people that stood in the cold for hours.  And other than my hips freezing up and the frostbite on the tip of my nose, it was totally fun.

Besides standing in really, really long lines, I haven’t had much down time since the “whole” transition.  (Sorry, that was only funny if you knew my retail job was with Whole Foods Market).  I made a quick trip to New Jersey for a training gig, ordered my Thanksgiving turkey and even managed to get an entire workout in.  Can you believe the craziness of my life?!  Neither can I.

Also crazy is how effing small of a city Salt Lake is.  (I’ve decided to work in effing in place of the real thing once in awhile to mix things up).  Listen to this…. Last weekend I was on Facebook and saw a picture Emily, my stepdaughter, had posted. The person in the photo looked familiar so I clicked on it and was like, “Holy shit, no fucking way!”  (Back to the real thing again).  The dude in the picture was none other than my best friend’s little brother!  The little brother that I spent my childhood with torturing and making play the Sweet Valley High board game because we really needed someone to be Ingrid.  And now he’s hanging out with Em! Seriously freaky, people!  Neither of them had any idea until I was like, “Uhhh are you hanging out with Jordan?”  It’s a little strange, but Britt and I decided if they get married one day we’ll be related, which would be AWESOME!  Then we could officially be sisters!

Always thinking of myself.

Other news is that our cat has feline asthma.  Of course it cost us $340 for them to tell us this.  Our vet visit went like this:

Vet:  It might be asthma but I really need to take an x-ray to figure it out ($80)

An hour later….

Yeah, it looks like feline asthma as you can see here, blah, blah blah.  I’m a little concerned with the shape of her heart though so we should probably have a radiologist look at the x-ray ($120)

I have no idea how this all added up to $340 now that I think about it, but the bottom line is I’m pretty sure we got ripped off.  Her heart, of course, was fine.  So Rob took her in for a shot.  He asked for the long acting one, which they told him they gave her.  Then, two days later the vet calls me to check up on Kitty (yeah, she doesn’t really have a name) and is like, “I just gave her the intermediate one because I was still a little concerned with her heart.”  Which is exactly when I called bull shit!

I am happy her heart is OK.  Especially since that means she most likely won’t die of heart failure when we bring a dog home.  If we ever bring a dog home.  Talk to Rob about that one.

2 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Spence

    Wow, that’s crazy about Em and Jordan. Small Lake City! (copyrighted phrase btw). Good, funny, stream of consciousness blog!


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