Family Planking

I pictured myself having all kinds of time to dedicate to this blog when I left my “regular” job over a month ago.  My vision was obviously way off, but I am committed to getting back on the blogging bandwagon.  Aren’t you stoked?!  Today’s blog is my first step.

Of course, my top priority is my family.  I spent a week in Chicago with my niece, Stevie, trying to find some answers.  Unfortunately her health took a nosedive on the trip and she ended up spending an additional week in the PICU.  If you pray, pray for her and her family.  If you “think” about people and keep them in your thoughts, keep Stevie top of mind.  She needs all the good energy you can muster.

Rob and I also have a new baby at our house.  Ok, not a real baby.  We got a dog! His name is Jack, and I seriously love him like a ridiculous amount.  I loved him this much right out of the gate.  How could I not?  Look how cute he is! The bad news is that the cat doesn’t feel the same way. We’re trying, but as of right now, they have to be separated.  And sadly, Jack doesn’t dare go downstairs and the cat doesn’t dare come upstairs.  I hope that they can, at the very least, be indifferent towards each other.  How else are we supposed to enjoy the holidays together as a family?

Oh, and speaking of the holidays, a celebration with friends the other night was off the hook!  (Am I jumping from subject to subject?  It happens when you blog once a month).  The kids were all serious at the restaurant table while the adults decided to give planking a try.  And I’m not talking just regular ol’ planking.  I’m talking taking planking to a new level.  As in we stacked people on top of other people.  See for yourself below.  We do this Christmas dinner once a year, but I have to say that this year was absolutely positively the best yet.  I guess that can happen when you get a bunch of really good, really fun people together.

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