Candid Camera

I was flipping through channels the other day and good ol’ Candid Camera was on.  It was old school and outdated in so many ways, but the concept of Candid Camera is still awesome.  I mean it’s hilarious!  Sometimes I wish I could pull off the kind of stuff they do on the show, but I can’t.  I can’t because I always think what I’m about to say or do is so funny that I bust up part way through whatever it is I’m trying to pull off.  Like, for example, at Witches Night Out (an annual event every Halloween), I tried standing outside of stores and telling people as they entered, “Everything in the store is half off” or “everything is buy one get one free.”  Except I would crack up immediately and people would just stare at me like, who is this idiot and why does she think she’s so funny?

Last night I was on the other end of it, and I have to say the guy trying to pull it off should totally look into acting if he hasn’t already.  We were at an Indian restaurant (Indian food is amazing, isn’t it?!) to which we’d received a gift card for Christmas. We were finishing up and pulled the gift card out and set it on the table.  One of the servers saw it and was like, “That card isn’t good anymore.”

Me:  “What do you mean it’s not good anymore?”

Turbin-headed server:  “You had to use it by December 31st.”

Me:  “But we just received it for Christmas.”

Server:  “Right, but they aren’t good after the 31st.”

Me:  “It has $40 on it though.  We just got it.”

Server:  “It says it in the card in the envelope it came in.”

Me:  “No, it doesn’t.  Rob, get the envelope out.”

Server:  “I’m just kidding.  That would be crazy.  We couldn’t do that.”

What the hell was that?  He then proceeded to snicker quite a bit and was soooo amused with himself.  He almost lost his tip because of it, but we were high on coconut kurma, so we gave him 20%.

Oh, and here’s something that should be on a prank show…. There was a dude on the freeway last week driving a vehicle that had large promotional text all over it that said, “Heating and Plumbing, Astrology and Hypnotist.”  I think I nearly wrecked making sure I’d read it right.  It really said that though.  And then it had a picture of a wizard and the guy’s name was Merlin something.  Now that’s what I call sticking to what you’re good at while also pursuing your dreams.  Plus, it might work.  Merlin comes to fix the drain and while the solution is soaking, he hypnotizes you and reads your tarot cards.  Amazing!

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