Working Through a Funk

Do you ever go through periods of time in your life when nothing is really wrong and yet you just feel out of sorts?  Rob and I call it a “funk.”  And I’m totally in one right now.  By no means do I have anything to complain about in life.  I just don’t feel totally content.  I’m trying to convince Rob that a tropical getaway would probably solve a lot, but I’m not entirely sure he’s buying it yet.  Rob, are you buying it?!

Part of it is that I’m not blogging enough.  Work is starting to pick up, so I’ll be traveling a lot more, which means I better commit to doing this blog thing now. Otherwise, you can kiss my boring, yet somewhat comical life stories goodbye. We’re not ready to say goodbye though, are we?  Nah.

What I am continuing to do is Bikram, and I think it’s helping me to not sink so low into the funk that showers become a twice weekly thing and I stop wiping down the kitchen counters seven times a day.  Frightening shit right there, people!  No seriously though, Bikram Yoga makes me feel incredible.  Even on mornings like today when there are 70 people in the class (this is A LOT, they actually had to start turning people away), dude next to me is a bit stinky and doing some of the postures means touching your also very sweaty neighbor, I still love it.  This is literally how packed the class looked today.  I love the girl laying down because it is so typical of the way many of us feel during that class.

So, that’s where I’m at.  Could be worse.  I could be hanging out on the porch with the tweaker neighbors all day in my bathrobe smoking a Marlboro Light.  Thank God I’m not in that kind of a funk.

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