Au Paris

Things just got really crazy in my life.  At least for the next couple of weeks.  I knew that there would be a lot of travel coming up with work, which is a good thing, but I totally didn’t expect to be flying to Paris in a week and a half (two days after I get home from DC).  Don’t be jealous.  I will be by myself, so I doubt I’ll dare do too much venturing out.  Plus, I won’t have a lot of time.  I have been to Paris once before, but it was a quick stop on a backpacking trip.  It went something like this:

Five girls in their early 20’s arrive by train.

We are immediately lost and no one wants to help us.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they actually pretended not to know English.

We finally arrive at our hostel, which is not so fittingly named ‘The Love and Peace Hostel.’  The entire time we were there we felt no love and definitely no peace.  In fact, drunk people crawled in and out of the window all night over our beds.

The evening we decided to venture out to the Eiffel Tower, we got lost on the way home.  We ended up in a stereotypical dark alley and are thankful to be alive today.

The Louvre was closed.

While traveling on the Metro, my best friend used what little French she knew to make friends with two random dudes.  One of the girls we were backpacking with had fallen off another train (another blog) and twisted her ankle, so one of the guys offered to give us a cane he had at his apartment.  Being really intelligent and worldly, we followed him.  Britt (my best friend), who was the most intelligent of all of us followed him up the stairs to his nasty, scary apartment where he proceeded to give her a big french kiss.  No pun intended.

That’s pretty much what I remember from Paris.  Oh, and I think the crepes were really good.  Well, bon voyage!  Oh wait, that’s what you would say to me, right?  I am not prepared for this.

1 thought on “Au Paris

  1. britt

    PARIS???? okay, i’ve learned a few things since that one time. and this is what i’ve learned. buy a ticket for the double decker bus. ride on the tip-top of the bus. all day long. get off when you wanna see something, and then get right back on. the BEST way to see Paris, and there is no kissing involved.


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