It’s an Inside Day

I’m sorry that I’ve been so absent, but the weather has been freaking awesome, so I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as I possibly can.  Today the weather sucks, so here I am.  Yes, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Whatever.  What does April snow bring?  Depression.  If I didn’t have a dog to walk, I would stay inside all day.  It’s one of those blustery, wet days that make you want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.  Of course I would be watching Bridesmaids.  Why? Because this movie is fucking hysterical!  I can quote nearly the entire movie and yet I still want to watch it like every single day.  I mean how awesome is it that one of the Bridesmaids (Melissa McCarthy – the most hilarious one) suggests “fight club” for the bachelorette party?  And when everyone looks at her like she’s crazy she goes on to explain, “Yeah female fight club. We grease up.  Lillian doesn’t know, so we pull up and yell ‘Surprise, we’re gonna fight’ and we beat the shit out of her.” Please do yourselves a favor and watch this movie whether you’ve already seen it or not.  It will make you happy.

I could also just spend ridiculous, unjustifiable amounts of time on Pinterest.  Then I could pin recipes that have the words “three cheese” and “healthy” in the same sentence on my ‘Food, Glorious Food’ board.  I’m still trying to figure out how something with three types of cheese in it can be healthy.  I should probably stop looking at the recipes altogether because they just make me want to stuff my face with gooey, chocolatey things.

Speaking of not giving in to eating crap… my grandma told me she wanted to lose weight (she is so little though, so this is a silly statement), but then she said, “It’s not like I have anyone to lose weight for though.  Will’s (my grandpa) been out of commission for years.”  Yep, that’s exactly what my grandma said to me.  She never holds back, and I love her for it!  Of course I’m also scarred by it.

Oh, and since I’m on a roll of changing from subject to subject, I have something very funny to share.  My niece, Stevie, whom I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions has started spreading rumors about me.  The other weekend my sister and her husband went away for their anniversary, so Grandma and I were on duty.  At school on Monday her teacher asked her how her weekend with Grandma and Aunt Sonie was and Stevie responded with, “Aunt Sonie kicked my ass.”  I actually didn’t (that weekend), but I’m sure I wanted to on a number of occasions.  Listen, she is very cute but very rotten.  You may have figured that out by the language she used. Isn’t she awesome?

6 thoughts on “It’s an Inside Day

  1. britt

    that stevie always knows just what to say~! she’s awesome. and i’m sure you did give her a whoopin’, too…don’t deny it.


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