More on Words

After I finished yesterday’s blog I was like, holy shit, I could have typed so many more things that come out of Stevie’s mouth. The kid has been through A LOT, so don’t judge.  Or do judge but act like you didn’t.  Here are some more favorites:

“Let me smell your breath.”  Stevie is very into smelling things (she’s like a dog in many ways).  For this one, we do ask her to ask a different question.  You should see the look on people’s faces.

“You have kids?”  If the person answers that they do have kids, Stevie has some follow-up questions, such as:

“And what they did (this is what did they do) when they were in your stomach?” or

“And you pushed?”  Stevie is very into labor/delivery stories.  What, we let her watch Baby Story on TLC.

“Dance.”  She is so demanding and just expects that someone she just met is going to bust out their best moves.

“Hold me.”  Again, said to strangers on a regular basis.

“Do a backflip.”  My sister reminded me of this one.  She requests it of me all the time.  Last time I tried explaining that I don’t know how to do a backflip and certainly wasn’t about to attempt it on the tile kitchen floor, she said, “Watch and learn.”  She then proceeded to a do a somersault (thank God!).

“What are you here for?”  This is what she asks people in doctor’s waiting rooms.  So far no one has answered.  I’m waiting for the day when someone’s like, “Well, I have this really weird rash….”

“Need some oxygen!”  The poor child’s world is all medical-related, so she requests oxygen throughout the day (she only needs it a bit while sleeping) and also to be “hooked up” to her TPN (liquid food she is fed via her feeding line).

Here she is with me last weekend.  I obviously gave in to the “hold me” request.

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