Cleaning Up Our Act

The daily goods

The daily goods









So this cleanse thing Rob and I have been doing has been interesting.  It’s the Suja juice cleanse which consists of drinking six different cold pressed juices each day for three days.  Nothing else.  Well, water, of course.  No food though.  Which is hard, because we both really like food.  I would go as far as to say that I’m kind of a foodie. I love everything about food.  I love cooking it, I love presenting it, and I especially love eating it.

We’re not doing this cleanse to drop lots of weight (although some weight loss will occur).  We’re doing it to give ourselves a mental restart.  That and I have a major sweet tooth that some might go as far as to call a sugar addiction.  I LOVE sugar.  I love baking things with sugar in them and licking the bowl clean. So we felt it was time to hit the pause button on the whole eating thing.

What I will say is I think it will definitely make me more aware of what I put into my mouth and cause me to stop and ask myself whether or not I’m actually hungry before I mindlessly reach for yet another something.

Unfortunately it’s also caused some of what Rob and I like to call “ass breath.” There’s this nasty film on our teeth that doesn’t seem to go away with brushing. It’s not good, people.  Chewing obviously does a lot to help with ass breath, so when you’re not chewing, well.  Also, I’m peeing like 20 times a day.  This is not an exaggeration.  It’s 1:20pm right now and I’ve already peed nine times.  Peeing gets old.

Today is the final day, so I’ll give a full report tomorrow when I’m enjoying a big ol’ avocado.

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