I’ll Drink to That

Sorry for my absence.  Somewhere between finishing the cleanse, reintroducing solid food and figuring out how we can afford to drink these juices on a regular basis, I forgot to write.  I’m here now though, and I’m ready to give you the full report.  You know, because maybe you’re curious.  Or maybe not.

When the cleanse was all said and done, Rob and I gave it a huge thumbs up.  Did we have our thumbs up in the middle of day 1?  Probably not.  I mean I may have had a partial thumb up, but Rob was just pissed and really hungry.  I can’t say that I ever felt like I was starving to death.  Was I hungry at times?  Absolutely.  I knew I was getting lots of nutrients though and just kept telling myself, “It’s only 3 days.” That and reminding myself we had spent a shit ton of money on this thing helped me stick with it.

I think the hardest thing to get used to for me was not cooking or preparing food for 3 days.  I am the cook in the family and so a decent amount of my time goes into planning and preparing meals.  It was very strange to not have to make dinner every night.  Instead of sitting down at the dinner table, we clinked our juice bottles together and sat on the couch savoring every last drop, wondering if going to bed at 8:00pm would be too early.

It’s true.  When you’re not eating, you figure you may as well be sleeping.  Plus, if you’re asleep, you don’t have to think about all the food you’re not eating.  And, honestly, sleep is important in all of this.  You really want to make sure you’re getting enough rest.  We didn’t exercise other than walking Jack and just tried to take it easy.  Rob nearly resorted to being a mute for 3 days.  He was so quiet that at one point I asked him if he was alright and he said, “I’m just trying to conserve my energy for work.”  Apparently talking was just too much.

By the time we reached the evening of the final day both of us were like, “We could totally keep this up.  I feel great.”  Part of that might have been the fact that we knew we were going to eat food the following morning, yes.  I think you also just really start to feel cleansed though.  Mentally, it’s a reset.  I mean you should see the amount of produce in my fridge and on my counters right now!  We have definitely started anew.

I miss it now.  Yesterday I broke down and bought one of the $8 juices (yes, they are $8/each!).  I was craving it.  My skin, eyes, hair and nails are so much happier when I’m drinking that stuff.  So, would I do it again?  Definitely.  If you’re interested in knowing more, check out their website:  www.sujajuice.com.  God, I wish they were paying me to tell you this.  They’re not, but I believe in it, so I’m telling you anyway.  I’m a good person like that.

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