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False Advertising

To say that the advertisement pictures I’m about to share with you represent false advertising would be a HUGE understatement.  Like the most ridiculous understatement ever.  This ad in the coupon packet that comes in the mail every couple of weeks has brought me such joy.  Ok, maybe not joy but at least happiness. I laughed so hard when I saw this that a little pee may have come out.

Are you ready?  Ok, this is an ad/coupon for a local orthodontist.  And the orthodontist obviously thought it would be compelling to show a before braces and after braces picture.  I totally agree.  BUT (this is a big BUT), the person in the before shot must be the same person in the after shot.  Do these look like a match to you?

Wow, getting your Halloween teeth fixed makes you look 25 years younger!

Again, what a transformation!















Can you even believe this?  Not only are these totally different people, but they didn’t even try to find people that kind of  look alike! Oh, and the fake Halloween teeth are not doing you any favors Dr. Clueless-as-shit.