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The Daily Observation

I’m  back with the “daily observation.”  Only this time I’m not going to put it under the “daily observation” tab.  Confusing, I know, but for some reason the formatting there is jacked.  Plus, it doesn’t tell people when I post something new there, which could be devastating to my loyal followers.  I do have loyal followers, right?

Today’s observation is about music.  I love music.  Is there anyone that doesn’t? Maybe, but these people are missing out.  I heard part of the new Jason Mraz song the other day on the radio and was like, wow, I really like this.  So, I bought it on iTunes and now I’m obsessed.  It is so beautiful though!  Here is the youtube music video so you can decide for yourself.  I’m warning you though, tears are a strong possibility.

Introducing the Badees…

Guess what friends?  I have a new and exciting series here at Sonie’s blog!  It’s called The Badees (pronounced bu dees).  This is a series in which I “sing” a song using badees (you’ll get it when you see it) and you have to guess which song I’m “singing.”   It’s supposed to be funny, so my feelings are not going to be hurt if you laugh.  In fact, I hope you do laugh… with me, of course, not at me.

In honor of Halloween, the first is a Halloween song… well, sort of.  If you know it, say you know it, but don’t tell us the song.  I’ll reveal that later.  Your prize will be a warm fuzzy feeling.  You’re welcome!