Running Away

Do you ever feel like just running away from your life? No? Oh, never mind. Ok, seriously. Do you? I think about it all the time. Except I want to take all the people I love with me. And maybe some of the stuff too. Don’t judge me. I didn’t say I want to take all of my stuff, just some of my stuff. Anyway, I think it’s more of wanting to run away from all of the responsibility. Being an adult really blows sometimes. We go to work all day and then we come home and do more work before we go to sleep to do it all over again the next day. It’s exhausting!

Of course, I also know that I have a pretty fucking awesome life. Sorry, but it’s true. I have a rad family, good friends, a nice home, I get to go on vacations, etc etc etc. And as much as I daydream about going back to being a kid, I remember that I wanted to run away then too. Well, kind of.

My attempts at running away as a kid were much different. It was more like I wanted to run away from the situation. Like, my parents or my sister were being mean to me. Which is when I would scream, “I hate you. I’m leaving!” Then, I would pack up a bunch of clothes and toys into paper grocery bags and head for the door. Where in the hell did I think I was going to go? Obviously, no where. I was dramatic though, so I had to show them that I was serious. I’d get all the way to the front porch and then I’d plop down with my brown paper bags and wait for someone to come out and say, “Don’t run away. We love you, and we’re sorry.” Only this never happened. Instead, I felt (and looked, I’m sure) like a complete dumb ass sitting outside with my grocery bags and would eventually make my way back into the house.

One time I left the bags behind entirely and took off on my bike. That didn’t end so well though, because I obviously couldn’t stay away forever. When I got home, I was in big trouble. And big trouble at my house meant that my dad told me I was grounded but then decided I could go out and play after an hour. Strict upbringing, I know.

So, maybe running away is not the answer. Maybe I just need to take a deep breath. Or, if I do decide to run away, I should definitely invest in something cooler than grocery bags to transport my goods.

2 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. Kelly

    It would be nice to run away from our responsibilities. Being an adult isn’t easy. I think we had a fun childhood though, right? Some of my favorite memories are sitting in your playhouse eating cherry laffy taffy’s. Do you remember that? -Hang in there.


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