Winning the Lotto

There’s this new show on TLC about people that have won the lottery. Yes, they will never run out of reality TV show ideas. Anyway, the show basically tells you how much they won and what they’ve done and/or are doing with the money. First, let me say that the people that play the lottery are the same kind of people that dare enter the seedy gas stations that sell the lotto tickets. Ok, that’s probably not a fair judgement since I’ve only seen this show the one time and don’t reside in a state that has a lottery, but… it would be pretty easy to stereotype the holy shit out of these folks.

Some of the winners seem to go a little bit crazy and immediately buy everyone in their family a car, buy a shit ton of ugly knick knacks and put a stripper pole in their bedroom. Well, only one couple went the stripper pole route. It’s weird to see what people will buy when they hit the jackpot though. Which got me thinking about what I would do if I was told I had just won millions of dollars. I’m a pretty responsible person, so I wouldn’t make any hasty moves. Oh, and I definitely wouldn’t put a stripper pole in. I really don’t think that ups the value on a home.

Isn’t it fun to daydream about the possibility? What would you do?

3 thoughts on “Winning the Lotto

  1. McKelle

    Morgan and I talk about this all of the time. Unfortunately, he is the type to buy lottery tickets (in Minnesota). We wouldn’t be the type to spend it on crazy things either. I’m sure I’d still shop at target, I just wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it. 🙂

  2. annielewis

    a lifetime supply of pens, earring backs, and hair elastics. i could double the amount of free time in my life if i didn’t always have to search for them. oh, and chapstick.


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