I know that I am not the most fashionable person on the planet (despite being named ‘The Queen of Fashion’ by a fellow sixth grade classmate – true story), but sometimes what people wear (or lack of what they wear) flat out scares me. Yesterday I was very disturbed when I spotted a boy, probably 14 or 15 years old, leaving the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center with nothing on but… wait for it….. a speedo! Well, to be totally accurate, I should mention that he was also sporting an enormous backpack, which most likely housed the clothing that should have been placed on his body. By the way, it was only 46 degrees.

Then, not thirty seconds later I spotted Rob out and about on his unicycle. Yes, he rides a unicycle. Yes, it’s impressive. Yes, he can juggle while riding it. Anyway, his unicycle outfit was really something. I first spotted his jacket which was impossible to miss since it’s flourescent yellow! It’s one of those biking jackets that you wear when riding at night so you don’t get ran over. It’s not so necessary in broad daylight. Below the jacket were his bright blue swim trunks. Yep, swim trunks. I gave a hesitant wave after I made sure no one would see that I knew this person.

Rob had a good excuse for his outfit…. Something about he was just going to lift weight downstairs (apparently this calls for swim shorts) and then decided to ride his unicycle. Since it was cold out, he grabbed the first jacket he could find. Whatever the reason, it was quite a sight!
As for speedo boy, I’d love to hear his excuse. “I needed to cool down after my swim”???

5 thoughts on “Fashionistas

  1. Jenn Miller

    I’m thinking the speedo boy lost a bet…that’s what Riley said when people asked him why he dressed up as Thor when we went to see the movie THOR last Friday. I don’t know what to say about Rob’s get up but I am laughing my ass off! I really need to start my own bog…about the crazy people I deal with in my day to day job. Once I was taking Kyler to school and I saw a man with nothing on but a bathrobe coming back from the convenience store with a gallon of milk in each hand and what appeared to be a sack of munchies or groceries, um, not sure which. Really? Like couldn’t you have thrown on AT LEAST a scuzzy pair of sweat pants and a wife beater tank top? Anyway you really need to come enjoy a fine afternoon of people watching here in Pocatello…it’s like a blast from the past. Mullets are in, and acid wash never left…it’s pretty awesome…in a leg warmer wearing way.

  2. britt

    well, i was labeled the “queen of art” by the same fellow sixth grader…and a lot of good that did me!


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