Kiss it Utah!

You may see a weather-hating theme going on here. I have mentioned my lack of affection for cold weather in the months of May and June (post) before. And you know what? Writing about it doesn’t make me feel better about the situation. This is not being done for therapeutic reasons. It’s being done because I’m fucking pissed and therefore must vent. Hey, I’m not the only Utahn that thinks this weather is way less than stellar. Yesterday I wrote my facebook status as “This weather can kiss my ass,” and like 15 people like it. Clearly, we’re over the rain and snow and cold as shit temperatures.

Just three days ago I was wearing shorts! We were doing yard work and playing outside. In fact, Rob was playing so hard that he fractured his wrist. Maybe buying him a Ripstik (skateboard with only two wheels) was not such a good idea. Remember how he can ride a unicycle though? I mean obviously he has incredible balance. Apparently what he doesn’t have is a plan for stopping the skateboard once you hit mind blowing speeds. Since he didn’t have a plan in place, he used someone’s parked car to bring his body to a halt. Make a note to yourself right now that this can result in bodily harm. Poor guy. And poor me. He is constantly whacking me with his enormous splint or resting it on my head when I’m trying to go to sleep.

On the bright side, our grass is insanely green and the bird poop that normally resides on our porch from the highly intelligent birds that build nests above the door has washed away. So, there are positives about the torrential downpour that is now occuring on a daily basis. Whatever.

4 thoughts on “Kiss it Utah!

    1. sonieann4 Post author

      I know! That was exactly my thought… You give us some of your heat and we will give you some of our rain. Seems simple enough.

  1. Lizzy Stevens

    so sorry about Rob’s wrist! That’s awesome he rides a unicycle and owns a Ripstik. He is Matt’s new hero!

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