Something’s Gotta Give

Have you ever seen this movie… “Something’s Gotta Give?”  If you haven’t, see it simply to drool over the beach house in it.  Seriously people, it really is beautiful and something I dream about owning on a daily basis.

That movie is totally not what this blog is about, however.  It just happens to have the same title.  Something does have to give in my life though.  And… I’m pretty sure I know what it is.  I’m just not quite ready to make the leap.  I know that everyone is busy, but I honestly feel like I could be working in some way every waking moment of the day and would still not be able to get it all done.  I feel as if my life requires every minute to be scheduled.  Like I’m saying, “Ok, I have exactly 1 hour to have fun.”  I most certainly don’t have time to wait in line at the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A.  Do you know how many people in Utah will wait in line though? I was driving past the other day at lunch and there were a crazy amount of cars lined up and I thought to myself, dude, people must really dig Chick-Fil-A.

Sorry, tangent.  I just find it fascinating how many people like that place.  I have managed some small getaways the last couple of weekends.  Yes, “scheduled” fun. Rob and I spent a night last weekend in Heber and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We went on the coolest bike ride down farm roads with zero traffic and super cute animals.  I swear the air is fresher up there.  Not that it’s hard to find fresher air that what currently lingers over Salt Lake City.  Have you noticed the signs on the freeway warning of the bad air quality?  On Monday it would say, “Bad air quality Monday and Tuesday.  Drive less.”  Then, on Tuesday they would change it to “Bad air quality Tuesday and Wednesday…” etc., etc.  Finally, they must have been like fuck it, let’s just change it to “today.” Which is what it’s been ever since.

This past weekend was a camping trip at the HOA.  Remember the HOA?  That place is like a community on top of a mountain, which is very cool.  My mornings usually start with my adorable, yet rotten niece screaming at the top of her lungs, “Aunt Sooooonie!  Wake up!”  This is generally around 5:00am.  The day can end any number of ways.  Sometimes with handstands.  Sometimes with inappropriate comments around the fire.  This time it ended with men trying to climb a ladder, a ladder they were holding with their own two hands.  And one of them was like, “If you fall, it’s not like you’re falling that far.”  Uhhh right, except if you fall you also have a 10 foot ladder faling with you… possibly on you.

So, that’s where I’m at.  Stay tuned for some announcements hopefully in the near future.  If nothing else, I’ll check back in with some random thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give

  1. Lydia Martinez

    Oh how I am relating right now. I sadly have to schedule ‘fun’ … in my planner. Almost ready to take the leap…

  2. britt

    seriously, don’t knock chick-fil-a. it is as happy as happy gets. (do you think the sound-proof playroom might have something to do with it?? hmm….)

    okay, you need to call me and tell me what you’ve got up your sleeve!–other than arms, of course.

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