I Need a New Joke

So I’m (finally) getting ready to travel again for work.  I have two gigs in March and two in April, so I’m starting to prepare.  Which means that I have a few calls with the client and folks that I work with in coordinating the gigs and then I get to work on making notes and delivering the course in my living room multiple times until I think I have it down.  In other words, I do a whole lot of talking to myself as I click through the slides and pretend like there are 40 people in front of me.

I always like to crack some kind of joke in the intro I give about myself to set a fun, non-stuffy mood (especially important when you’re training pharmaceutical big wigs).  My regular routine sounds something like this, “I’m based out of Salt Lake City, Utah (pause) No, I’m not a polygamist.”  Normally I get a good laugh, but at the course I taught in Basel, Switzerland, I got feedback on one of the evaluations about it.  The person wrote that the joke was “in bad taste and not necessary.” They then went on to ask if I said it for shock value.  Shock value?  Listen, if I wanted to add shock value I would at least get an F bomb in there.

I know that was only one lame ass person, but now I feel like I need a new joke.  I thought about saying something about my daily commute being by horse (since someone once asked if I traveled by horse – obviously, they don’t know anything about SLC), but these gigs are in Wyoming.  So… they may actually travel by horse.

Give me your best Utah jokes, people.  I have no problem pretending like I came up with it myself.  If it’s a hit though, I will most definitely give you credit right here on this near-famous (wink wink) blog.

4 thoughts on “I Need a New Joke

  1. heatherbakrim

    How about, “I’m based out of SLC, UT. Oh my heck!”. Or “I’m based out of SLC, UT. I’d like to thank Wyoming for providing us with our kegs (or alcohol) and fireworks.”

    1. soniestephens Post author

      That’s hilarious, Heather! Rob and I just laughed out loud. I’m definitely using the fireworks and alcohol piece. Too good!

  2. food4thesoul93

    Okay…what do you get when you crossbreed Utah football with a groundhog? (A): Six more weeks of bad football.

    One more…how many BYU freshman does it take to change a lightbulb?
    (A): None, it’s a sophomore course.

    Hope this helps…thanks for the visit to “my place!” Good luck on your “gigs.”


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