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I’m sitting here at a Starbucks in Harlingen, Texas.  If you’re not familiar with Harlingen (is anyone?), picture the tip of Texas.  Can you see it in your head?  That’s where I am.  As far south as you can get.  Are you jealous?  I thought so.  There are a lot of big hats and big trucks here (I know, I know, everything is big in Texas).  Oh, and lots of crosses as well as dashboard art.  And since we’re basically on the border, I thought for sure that the cop walking down the side of the freeway was totally involved in a border drug raid.  Unfortunately it was only a fender bender.

This morning as I was leaving the hotel the weather forecast sign simply said, “Hot and humid.”  I’m pretty sure they wanted to follow it with, “Shut up and get used to it.”  I’m definitely not used to this kind of humidity.  I mean I live in one of the driest states ever!  Our freeway signs talk about the danger of wildfires (the whole state is basically on fire).  In Texas they say, “Hurricane season is here.  Be prepared.” Which, I’m totally not.  Prepared, I mean.  Shit, someone tell me what you do in a hurricane.  Besides cry, I mean.

So far everyone has been really nice.  My first training session was full of people that felt so sorry for me.  I told them about all of the driving I was going to do and they got these looks on their faces that said, oh my god, you are going to be miserable. Instead they were like, “Oh wow.  Good luck.  Marble Falls (where I’ll drive today… 5 hours away) is really pretty.” I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not this is true.

What’s in Your Suitcase?

So last week I stayed at a very swanky hotel in New York City.  I stayed there meaning I rolled in about 10:30pm, ate a VERY late dinner and went to bed.  And this place was swanksville.  Like instead of kickin’ it old school with the ‘do not disturb’ paper signs, they had buttons inside the room that when pushed turned on an indicator light outside the room.  Also, the robes were animal print, not your standard white.  Swanky, I know.

Anyway, I’ve seen a number of hotels offer things that guests may have forgotten, such as a toothbrush.  Check out the third item on this list though.  Since when do people take their coffeemakers on trips?  Am I out of the loop or something?  I mean I like my coffeemaker and all, but I’ll stick with the hotel’s brew or Starbucks. Gees!

Oh thank God! I knew I’d forget something.