We Survived… Barely

We wrapped up the kitchen remodel a few weeks ago on the verge of divorce and bankruptcy. Ok, not really. Financially, we’re fine. Let me tell you though, these major remodeling projects are hard on a marriage. We were the orneriest bunch of assholes on the planet from mid-October to the beginning of January. Do the math. Rob not being able to ride his bike for weeks + me trying to function with layers of dust covering the entire house every other day = meanness like you’ve never witnessed. This shit will literally turn you into a different person. It’s our own fault, yes, but I really wish someone would have been like, “Are you guys fucking crazy? You’re going to demolish your kitchen and then reconstruct it during the evening hours and weekends?” And poor Heath, our brother-in-law, like lived at our house for months. This is on top of trying to run his own business. I mean we paid him with a mixed drink every night, but I’m pretty sure we’re still on the owing end.

I may or may not have had a complete meltdown on an occasion or two. I vaguely recall myself saying, or shouting perhaps, “We have to finish this. I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND IF I HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS FOR ONE MORE DAY.” And then Rob would be like, “I think I’m going to repaint the ceiling.” At which point I would threaten to end his life.

Now Rob thinks that this project he’s completed has earned him a gazillion points. Yes, it did earn him many points, but getting cocky about it will result in a point loss. What? I’m just keeping it real.

The question I keep getting asked is, “Well, was it worth it?” To which I reply, “yes!” I LOVE our new kitchen. It is bright and efficient and everything I could ask for in a kitchen. It’s not the biggest kitchen on the planet, but we worked with the space we had

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, and I think we did pretty damn good. And, we’re still married! Here’s a peak inside.

7 thoughts on “We Survived… Barely

  1. Lizzy Stevens

    LOVE your new kitchen Sonie! It is beautiful. Three cheers for making it through a re-model! I hope I have white cabinets in my kitchen someday! Love it!

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