A good part of yesterday afternoon and last night I had a headache from hell.  I’ve been getting these headaches, I think, because of the terrible air we all have to breathe here in Salt Lake.  It got so bad last night that there were several times I thought I’d blow chunks.  And I really didn’t want to blow chunks.  For a couple of reasons.  First, vomiting is not my thing.  Second, I’d just had grilled fish tacos and I was like, that is not going to be good when it comes back up.  Luckily I never hurled. I went to bed at like 9:00pm instead.

Look at this forecast description and tell me it doesn’t depress the shit out of you.

Patchy fog will once again develop this evening along the Wasatch Front along with freezing fog that will glaze over some of the roadways. Overnight lows will be in the single digits with highs in the valleys stuck in the 20s. Above the inversion, look for sunshine and warmer temperatures. Highs in the mountains will be in the upper 30s and lows 40s. The overall pattern will hold through the middle to end of next week.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be escaping to higher elevations today so we can catch our breath.  That and thaw out.

3 thoughts on “Forecast

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  2. Also Headachey in Provo

    I’ve been trying to deduce if my recent headaches have been caused by this year’s awful inversion (down in Provo). I also have nausea, and a dizziness/light headed-ness similar to motion sickness. Not to mention the coughing, sneezing, and feeling like my lungs are being weighed down. Our state needs to initiate some better clean air acts and incentives–this has been horrendous.

    1. soniestephens Post author

      Horrendous is the perfect word. And I hear Utah County is the worst air of all. Hang in there! One day it will be warm with semi-clean air again.


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